Physicians will benefit from being participants of an Independent primary care physician Owned, Operated, and Governed Management Service Organization (MSO). Not only will PremierMD MSO physicians benefit from higher per member per month (PMPM) reimbursement, but they will also share in the financial benefit of our Medicare Advantage contracts and enhanced capitation arrangements. For every patient enrolled in an MSO or direct contract with a Medicare Advantage plan, the average capitation is between $100- $115 PMPM. There are also rewards for the appropriate reporting of HEDIS, Medical Risk Adjustment scores (MRA), and the achievement of low Medical Loss Ratios (MLR). Being part of our MSO will allow you not only to receive the standard PMPM rate (or higher), but you will also share in surpluses usually kept by the MSO!

We will provide the necessary tools to optimize:

  • Medical Risk Assessment (MRA) coding
  • HEDIS measures
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Contracting with network specialists and outpatient services
  • Tools to optimize STARS measures
  • Hospital and office claims data
  • Pharmacy utilization data

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