The PremierMD IPA Executive Board of Directors is composed of physician members. The role of the Executive Board of Directors is to identify and address issues that are important to PremierMD IPA members. If you are a member of PremierMD IPA or interested in membership, or have a question, contact the PremierMD IPA office or one of the members of the Executive Board of Directors.


The Physician Advisory Board Implements clinical operations, provides medical management delegation, and assesses performance metrics. The Advisory Board is made up of physicians from the Regional Steering Committees and reports to the Board of Directors.


PremierMD IPA is organized by region with an individual steering committee for each region. This committee utilizes claims based data to coordinate care for its attributed population. The coordination of care includes performance measurements and patient engagement and education. There are four regional steering committees that report to the Physician Advisory Board. They oversee within their region: Quality, Utilization, and the High Performance Network. If you are a member of PremierMD IPA and want to serve on a Committee, contact either a member of the Board of Directors, the Physician Advisory Board, or David H. Fater, our Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer.


When considering Quality, the Steering Committee takes a proactive approach to quality assurance by defining performance standards and developing tools physician practices can use to achieve these standards. The Steering Committee also addresses quality concerns raised by members.


The Steering Committee takes a proactive approach to ensure that healthcare dollars are used appropriately and efficiently within our organization. Decisions are made through the collection of data and applying evidence based medicine principles.


The Steering Committee takes considerable time and research in forming and updating the organization’s healthcare delivery system which includes hospitals, specialists, ancillary services, and outpatient centers among others. Decisions are based on efficiency, measures of quality, patient satisfaction, and cost savings.

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